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Island of Nantes

On the Loire, between the arms of the Madeleine and Pirmil, stretches the island of Nantes. This is also called Beaulieu Island and is one of the eleven districts of Nantes. It is mainly known for hosting the Parc des Chantiers, where you can find the famous Machines de l'Île, a key attraction of the city. The Île de Nantes is also a pleasant destination for a walk that will take you to the Hangar à Bananes or the Jardin des Fonderies, two unmissable sites.

If the city of Nantes offers a rich medieval heritage, the Île de Nantes is dotted with a contemporary architectural heritage that recalls its vocation as the “city of tomorrow”, connected and innovative. A veritable open-air urban laboratory, the Île de Nantes invents and reinvents itself on a daily basis.

The Machines of the Island on the island of Nantes

On the site of the former shipyards, discover one of the main points of interest on the Île de Nantes. The Machines de l'Île project comes from the imagination of François Delaroziere and Pierre Orefice, inspired by both Jules Verne and Leonardo Da Vinci. In the Machines de l'Île gallery, there is an incredible mechanical bestiary, including butterflies, herons, giant ants and sea creatures. The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the 12-meter elephant, capable of carrying visitors for a ride of around 30 minutes.

Les Machines de l’Île also includes a boutique-bookstore to stock up on souvenirs, as well as a pleasant café with a sheltered terrace. It is the perfect place for a lunch break with traditional flavors or a gourmet snack.

The Banana Hangar on the island of Nantes

This former port wasteland is an emblematic spot for Nantes outings. Built in 1901, the Banana Hangar was used until the 1970s to ripen bananas from Guadeloupe. The place was completely redesigned in the 2000s to become a major cultural site in the city.

Located at the tip of the Île de Nantes, it now houses bars, restaurants, a theater, a nightclub and an art gallery, the Hab Galerie. Most ? The terraces of the bars which directly overlook the Loire.

The Foundries garden on the island of Nantes

For a green setting, head to the Jardin des Fonderies. Installed in the former Foundries of the Atlantic, this covered public garden is the ideal place for a nature break in the heart of the island of Nantes. There are exotic varieties including the emblematic camellias, magnolias, palm trees, banana trees and ferns that offer a tropical atmosphere in all seasons.

The Jardin des Fonderies is freely accessible but guided tours are available on request (paying). It takes around 30 minutes on foot to reach the garden from the Sōzō Hotel.

Reach the island of Nantes from our hotel

It takes about twenty minutes by public transport or about thirty minutes on foot to reach the island of Nantes from the Sōzō Hotel. Take one of the bridges over the Loire and enjoy the viewpoints over the river.

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