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Spa hotel in Nantes
A taste of heaven
under the vaulted ceilings of the Sōzō

Heaven on earth exists right here within the Sōzō Hotel. 
Welcome to our relaxation area where you’ll find the ritual you’ve been looking for. 

Intimate and elegant, this conceptual and designer space features a sauna, a steam room, an ice room and a sensory shower. It’s perfect for your mind and body’s well-being.

Time out to relaxicon
At the heart of Nantes

Sauna (3 spaces): between its glass walls, sit on benches resembling tree stumps and enjoy the benefits of the heat.
Steam room (4 spaces): amid an immaculate white setting, enjoy the benefits of steam and come out completely relaxed.
Ice Room: after the heat of the sauna and steam room, feel refreshed in a room where snow and ice are all around. It's a thermal shock that will invigorate your mind and body.
Sensory shower: From Breton mist to tropical rainfall, indulge in a change of scenery! Depending on the chosen setting, be whisked away to another world by ambient music, fragrances, colours and water.
Relaxation lounge: sit back in an armchair and relax with an infusion in your hand, all in a designer atmosphere in line with the hotel’s style.