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The Machines de l’île
true curiosities in Nantes.

Across former shipyards, discover a dreamlike world of extraordinary machines straight out of the imagination of Jules Verne (remember that this science-fiction author was born on the Île Feydeau in Nantes). His extraordinary machines are located in the buildings of the former shipyards. These mechanical monster, such as the 12 m-tall elephant, the heron with an 8 m wingspan and the giant squid, bridge the gap between the worlds of beasts and engines. The gallery resembles the Gallery of Evolution in Paris, only this is far more imaginary and poetic. 

Full speed ahead
for the fantastic ride

The Galerie des Machines is a real living space that can be visited year-round. Your visit will be enhanced by the machine-operators who will explain the history and functioning of these strange creatures. It is even possible to enjoy an incredible 30-minute journey aboard the big elephant by booking a place.
Each spring, between April and June, and each autumn, the ship buildings come to life with a programme of lively  arts. Enjoy the likes of theatre, music, dance, circus, children’s shows and visual arts. 

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